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& Virtual Reality. 

Disrupt your surroundings.

What we offer:

  • Product education.

  • Filters and branded selfies.

  • Make-up magic mirror.

  • Augmented try-on.

  • In mobile browser solution.

  • Analytics and business insights.

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Digital & Social

With online activity at an all time high, social connect through social platforms is now becoming even more of a social norm.

Whether it be for the purpose of expression or to share an selfie experience with an audiences own followers – brands should consider an interesting and perhaps nostalgic ways to connect with consumers.


Earlier in 2020, Play created a disco-selfie filter for GUCCI to echo the disco heroines of the past (and their brand guidelines) to entice audiences of all ages to take their personal co-branded selfie to share online. The technology was developed so customers could either use this in-store or online to generate awareness to GUCCI’s eyewear ranges, and allow them to playfully connect and experience GUCCI eyewear in both forms.