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Window display for Harrods

Our challenge.

We were asked by Bang & Olufsen to create a luxury window display as the backdrop for their latest Beovision Harmony product.


Honouring their proud Danish design heritage, we believed that the aesthetics of the window were  just as important as the product itself.  The challenge was to ensure that this bespoke window would fully integrate the product, capturing passersby whilst supporting the ultimate Bang & Olufsen cinematic and immersive audiovisual experience.

The activation was live in central London at the prestigious Harrods department store.  (October, 2019).

What we did:

>    Design

>    Engineering

>    Prototyping

>    Production

>    Installation

AdobeStock_207605677 [Converted]-01.jpg
AdobeStock_207605677 [Converted]-01.jpg
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