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It Local

The Challenge

The speed at which Covid-19 has hit businesses not just globally but also locally, has resulted in some of the most profound changes to our daily lives in the past century. As consumer confidence plummets with larger retailers, the local high street has been rediscovered in this moment of crisis, and now, more so than ever, local businesses need to be able to compete with advanced and alige retail sites online.  

That’s why our team at Play has been working hard these past few weeks and created a virtual high street for local businesses to be able to battle with the likes of Amazon on convenience and choice – helping the local high street and helping supporting local communities.


What we did:

>    Strategy and insight

>    Creative design

>    PR and Comms

>    B2B Logistics

Our Insight.

The Solution.

The pandemic has had a huge impact on the way consumers shop at their local independent stores. As shoppers have been forced to change their habits, and particularly traditional shoppers have been forced to change their ways, and are now having to shop online – by consolidating local shops together in one central hub, this will allow these shoppers to be able to purchase their from their local stores easily and conveniently all in one place.


in multiple


Play created Click It Local that allows any shop, big or small, to set up a free online click and collect or delivery service. Making it easy and convenient for customers to shop and browse multiple products and buy from their favourite shops – Supporting their local High Street, from the safety and the comfort of their own homes.


For the stores – the online dashboard system allows retailers to manage their orders, products, deliveries, and payments all at one central hub – whilst the shopper is able to select multiple products from multiple retailers and make one payment and with one delivery. 


The service has already proved so popular since its launch in Cambridge earlier this month that it will be expanding to Brighton, as well as London and Edinburgh later this summer. 




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“The past decade has been a tricky time for local shops, with many struggling to stay afloat due to competition from bigger online businesses. With the added, sudden challenge of Covid-19, many independent shops have been badly hit. We love shopping locally, so we wanted to find a way to offer the local high street virtually to its community in one place online, as well as help small shops offer the same level of speed and convenience that today’s online customers have come to expect.”

Steve Koch

AdobeStock_207605677 [Converted]-01.jpg
Click It Local - Bike in Cambridge 1 V.j