Green room interactive event

Our challenge.

We were asked to create initial nightclub concepts for Heineken’s Green Room Experience. A design that incorporated all of the required elements such as; The Orb, the bar, DJ Booth was key. All of these areas would work harmoniously to create a seamless, immersive experience. Men of the World love music. They enjoy listening to music, it evokes powerful emotions, memories and urges action. Heineken Green Room is an opportunity for them to experience music in an original, immersive way, using a variety of senses. We captivated the senses by creating individual elements that came together to provide an alluring event. A central ‘Orb’ was the main focus of the design, it would interact with bracelets worn by each member of the audience. As the music’s intensity increased, each member’s heart rate would also increase, this would bring the Orb to life allowing the audience to ‘see music’.

What we did:

>    Design

>    Engineering

>    Prototyping

>    Production

>    Installation