Ellia oil



The challenge. 

We were briefed by Homedics/Ellia to create a digital kiosk for Bed Bath and Beyond which would allow shoppers to explore and discover the bestselling range of aromatherapy oils.

Ellia’s wide range of aromatherapy oils are designed to promote/combat against a wide spectrum of moods and emotions. The challenge was to effectively categorise these and educate customers at POS about their uses and benefits. How do shoppers know which oil is the right one for them?

What we did:

>   Strategy and creative design
>   Digital app development
>   Engineering drawings

>   User interface design

>   Customer journey and shopper strategy

>   Programming and deployment

>   Production, delivery and installation

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“Working with the Play retail team to coordinate a complex and intricate kiosk for the Consumer Electronic Show was seamless. Their team is creative, talented and extremely easy to work with!”

- Karyn Bylinowski, Homedics Sr. Manager, Marketing & Communications

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The solution.

We created an interactive, simple and intuitive interface that enabled shoppers to discover the right oil scent for them. We designed a permanent, free standing display with an integrated interactive screen and space for 24 best selling aromatherapy oils. The display included a disruptive high level illuminated logo and boxwood living wall. 

Shoppers are able to use this interface screen to browse the entire range. Once they select an oil, they are presented with information about benefits, ingredients and fun facts about each product.


The shoppers are also able to interact with the physical products on the shelf below the screen and touch the buttons to find out more about the best selling essential oils