H&M Isabel 


Our challenge.

This project required design, manufacture and implementation in store for the new H&M Isabel Marant collection on Oxford Street, London. An overall store design aesthetic was required based on inspiration taken from the Isabel Marant brand. This design language was portrayed across various areas of the store, such as: the entrance, key outfit displays and window displays. The overall store had to feel as though Isabel Marant had taken over the space and portrayed her own design language. By creating various elements across the store, the Isabel Marant aesthetic was reinforced throughout the consumer journey. As the consumer approached the store, clear branding and event information was displayed in window displays, the entrance displayed key pieces and accompanying displays were also clad with the same design language. All of these design elements created a space and experience that would immerse the consumer in the Isabel Marant brand, in a more accessible space.

What we did:

>    Design

>    Engineering

>    Prototyping

>    Production

>    Installation