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Biscuit Bakery

Cadbury vs. Oreo  

The challenge.

Biscuits have been an ever-present feature within travel retail’s confectionary sector; however, this category has recently been given the opportunity to create their own identity. The “Biscuit Bakery”, a concept initiated by Mondelez, is a platform to inform and excite shoppers across the world.


Mondelez approached Play with an opportunity to introduce this newly sought after category, in Stansted airport. The challenge was to deliver an engaging trial experience that promoted two brand leaders, Cadbury and Oreo, whilst maintaining a nostalgic association to a biscuit bakery.


What we did:

> Research and Strategy

> Creative 2D and 3D Design

> Engineering

> Prototyping and Production

> Project Management

> ROI for Client

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The solution.

Shopping is an essential part of a passenger’s experience. Passengers who are starting their holidays are able to utilise their time before flights, to relax and discover new brand experiences, this can lead to an increase in product engagement and sales.


Gamification is a rising trend that brands are utilising to direct consumer traffic towards their activation pop-ups. Through gamification, retailers can increase customer engagement, boost brand awareness and even shape customer behaviour. Gamification provides a cost effective opportunity for brands to invest in technology and innovation, providing consumers with a truly memorable retail experience.

Our insights.

Over 1000 selfies shared 

over the installation

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We wanted to invite shoppers to team up with their favourite biscuit brand and play our bespoke digital air-hockey game, against their friends and family. In doing so we developed a Cadbury vs. Oreo experience, where shoppers were encouraged to engage a step further than just a free tasting trial.

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Since the installation, our  ‘Biscuit Bakery - Cadbury vs. Oreo’ promotion space has generated 1292 unique engagements. Our digital air-hockey experience was played 72 times a day, over a

5-week install and has been a major success with shoppers and brand ambassadors.

The results.


Design an interactive air hockey game that evokes a sense of playful nostalgia, key to the identity of the Biscuit Bakery category for Mondelez. Leveraging the value of this reminiscence raises awareness of the new category, allowing shoppers to discover and positively interact with both brands.


Promote the experience outside of the category with custom Biscuit Bakery tokens. Generate traffic toward the space by using the token to activate the digital experience.


Encourage shoppers to share winner’s selfies, creating unique customer experiences and drive interest to the activation outside of the category location.


Interactions per day


Total plays for 5 week install



taken at the activation