Virtual reality

nail trial 

The challenge.

The nail lacquer category in travel retail lacks stand out. COTY tasked Play to create a new  free-standing unit for market leader nail lacquer brand OPI which was both disruptive and innovative. The challenge was to re-imagine the trial experience for shoppers with limited time in a busy and competitive environment.


What we did:

>   Strategy and creative design
>   Digital app development
>   Engineering drawings
>   Prototyping and production of 400 units
>   Delivery to 2 central hubs (EU and USA)
>   Warranty, maintenance & local adaptations

Play Retail Ltd | OPI Virtual Reality Nail Trial
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The solution.

Currently it’s not possible or practical for shoppers to physically try nail lacquer shades in store and this creates a significant barrier to purchase. This gave us an opportunity to reinvent the retail experience, remove the indecision, and drive sales. In travel retail you have just 3 seconds to capture the attention of passing shoppers. In order to do this we needed to design a unit which was not only innovative, but also disruptive, eye-catching and easy to navigate.

Our insights.

Over 10,000 unique daily interactions

Drawing on our expertise integrating cutting edge technology into the retail environment, we set out to design and produce the world’s first digital nail trial; to delight shoppers with no mess, no fuss and no wasted time or product. By placing virtual reality (VR) at shoppers’ fingertips, we provided them with an intuative tool to enable assurance on their path to purchase. Utilising motion-tracking techniques we created a real-time photo realistic hand on which to view the lacquer shades which responded to the movements of the user.

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Play Retail Ltd | OPI Virtual Reality Nail Trial At Stansted Airport

As well as gaining major traction in mainstream and trade publications, the OPI virtual reality nail trial FSDU has been a major success with shoppers and brand ambassadors in all markets. The concept was prized with the 2019 Glossy Award for Best In-Store Tech, in Beauty.

The results.


The FSU offers customers information about best-sellers and personalised shade recommendations through a “Style Me” interactive feature – OPI can push sales of particular shades and capture customer data for future use.


The bespoke content management system (CMS) gives OPI the power to remotely update both the shade library and promotional content, in individual or multiple locations.


The CMS enables remote maintenance and software updates and records every interaction on each individual unit. This gives access to locally and centrally stored data,  allowing OPI to use performance metrics and live usage information to tailor campaigns to suit different locations and times.


For ultimate ease of setup, we ensured the interface will automatically adapt to different screen sizes, orientations, and multiple displays, making it easy to install at different locations.


Sales uplift

in the first



Units created for our global rollout


Continents reached, all with success