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“We have been so impressed with the service and creativity from Play. The units designed for our travel retail customers have received glowing feedback from retailers.”

The solution.


The challenge.

We were asked by Philips to re-imagine their travel retail furniture system for male grooming, beauty and oral healthcare categories. Philips were being challenged by the retailer to create something new and innovative, that incorporated simple categorisation principles and digital displays.


Philips had previously  encountered problems with a lack of coherence across markets due to differing local budgets and manufacturing capabilities. The key objective was to ensure that the new solutions could be easily adaptable and were flexible enough to be utilised around the world.


What we did:

>    Strategy and insight

>    Creative design

>    Development and engineering

>    Prototyping

>    Production

>    Logistics

Our insights.

Philips see the travel retail market as a ‘window to the world’ and as a result recognise it as a key market for them to grow and lead the competition. We discovered that the number of airport passengers will nearly double from 4.1 to 7.8 billion between 2018 and 2036 across key markets of China, Thailand, Singapore and Japan. This demonstrates the value in attracting as many travellers as possible to buyers through clear communication and a consistent brand experience.


The forecast growth in air travel is set to increase the value of travel retail from €66.4bn in 2018 to €125bn in 2023. That’s an 8.9% annual growth rate for the electronics sector. This equates to a potential €3.32 billion share of the market in 2018 rising up to €6.25 billion in 2023. This market share is based on the 5% electronics sector within the total spend in travel retail. With 74% of frequent fliers arriving more than 1 hour before boarding the flight there is an extended dwell time with which to increase advertising exposure.

The results.

Results of initial pilots in Singapore, China and Taiwan have demonstrated significant uplift in sales and return on investment (ROI). These were based on a pilot scheme totalling 9 stores.


Uplift in sales in Singapore


Uplift in sales

in Taiwan


Uplift in sales in China

We created an 80 page interactive PDF retail guideline which was deployed globally on November 2018. Following in-depth analysis of the competitive environment we designed a new range of units which emphasised the accessible, premium and technological qualities of the Philips brand and their market leading grooming products.

As our shoppers move along their path to purchase it is important that we present a consistent and appropriate visual and messaging hierarchy. Getting the communications balance correct ensures that we drive traffic to the point of purchase, engage shoppers  and convince them to buy. We created a series of ‘design’ principles which enabled local markets create furniture based on their own  requirements, while retaining a consistent look and feel. This included the following rules, as set out in detail in the comprehensive guideline document.

5 degree Taper on the inside of the legs to give a light and feminine appearance. 20mm radius on all leg corners for safety Philips shield always positioned centrally on the wooden top The Philips wordmark is always placed prominently at the top of each unit and is illuminated in Philips blue. A 10mm white LED stripe runs around the top of the unit to create an impactful floating effect which helps to highlight the products.

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