The challenge.

We were tasked to help reinvent PMI’s approach to Travel Retail by leveraging digital technologies to enhance ‘Legal Aged Consumers’ (LAC) travel retail experience. We developed a digital eco system of
tools focused on education, e-commerce and the deployment of media globally.


What we did:

>   Strategy and creative design
>   Digital app development
>   Engineering drawings
>   Prototyping and production of 400 units
>   Hypercare

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We developed an interactive multimedia experience available both on mobile and on touch-screen kiosk, in the Duty-Free shop, for LAC to Discover IQOS. It allows LAC to explore bite sized videos and interactive content to learn more about switching to IQOS.


Their journey is tailored according to their existing understanding of IQOS, meaning that they are lead directly to the content which is most relevant to their needs. The kiosk acts as a portal to IQOS educational videos and interactive content that can be viewed independently, or even alongside a member of the IQOS staff as a guided education tool.


Alternatively, LACs can use their mobile device to scan QR codes on communication material positioned throughout the shop, to load the Discover IQOS web-app in their mobile browser. Here they can have a more private and immersive experience. And also avoid touching the kiosk screen if they have hygiene concerns.


We also developed FastTrack to provide LAC with a seamless digital shopping experience. Enabling them to easily browse, reserve and collect IQOS products in the Duty Free shop. LAC's can ‘skip the queues’ and use a touch screen kiosk located in convenient locations throughout the duty free environment, to reserve their items.

We designed the user interface to make it intuitive to navigate, suitable for different languages/cultures and easy to find products and place an order in as few as 4 taps. We delivered a fully functional back-end system to make it easy for IQOS staff to keep track of new orders, packing & collections.

We also created a mobile version, which LACs can access by scanning a QR code with their phone. This increases the number of potential users and also provides a great option for those who want to avoid touching a public screen for
hygiene reasons.


Hub is the brains behind the IQOS duty free tools that we have built. It provides central control of the entire duty free digital tool network and allows IQOS staff to create and deploy digital experiences and media to screens located in airports around the world.


Loop is a software service integrated into the PMI HUB platform to create, schedule and deploy content on digital signage touch-points globally.

  • Allows users to manage and deploy content.

  • Loop controls all digital screens in  store.

  • Browse & filter all digital signage touch-points

  • View details, status and “now playing” content

  • Edit & add new playlists to deployment

  • Schedule start times and deployment

  • Send playlists for approval by legal teams