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Wahaca rebrand

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

The UK high-street is in trouble. As more people resort to online shopping, and fewer people go out to eat and drink because of rising rent prices and living costs, shopping and eating out has passed peak popularity. As independents flourish, it is no surprise that chains are starting to try to mirror their grass-roots look. The new branding centres around a line-drawn, illustrated logo of a hand clutching a taco. The bespoke sans-serif typeface, Wahaca Bold, also aims to appear “quirky” and “surprising”, says Grant, with angled crossbars used in letters like “H” and “A”.


Since it was founded, Wahaca has publicised itself as a “sustainable” restaurant chain, taking on various projects to help limit its impact on the environment, including reducing energy consumption of its branches, banning plastic straws and sourcing ingredients “locally and responsibly”.

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