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Winning retail

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

81% of UK consumers see the physical store as vital to the shopping experience. As a result, the retail experience should be inviting, seductive and engaging, without barriers. Retailers and brands who master the shopper journey will drive traffic, drive engagement and drive sales in their retail environments.

Winning Retail

Penhaligon’s - London

The ‘Transition’ zone

As shoppers approach the store they are presented with a cool scented mist which emanates from inside the shop. This sensorial experience is effective in disrupting passing shoppers. The first step in the shopper journey is to attract your consumers and engage their buying mindset; driving traffic inside and preparing them to connect with the brand and buy.

Digital Product Discovery

Penhaligon’s have created and implemented a simple to use and intuitive digital product discovery tool. The interface takes the shopper on a journey of the senses to help them discover the fragrance most suited to their personality. Digital personalised recommendations can be a powerful tool when

there is not a beauty assistant available to help a customer find what they need. They also provide a flexible consultation tool for sales associates to use when recommending products to browsing shoppers. A brief introduction to the brand is followed by a simple call to action; “How would you like to feel when you wear it?” This engages an emotional cognitive process whereby the shopper begins to connect their personal emotional state with the products.

This cognitive association is at the heart of personalised recommendations. Once the shopper has chosen their emotional state they are presented with a range of appropriate products. The product summary provides them with more information about the story and ingredients, empowering them to make a choice.

Product Trial. Authentic Retail.

When the shopper enters the retail environment they are immediately presented with premium bespoke victorian apothecary style fixtures that create an environment which reinforces the brand’s luxury aesthetic. In the centre of the space there is a product discovery table which is designed to encourage shoppers to pick up and sample the fragrances. 70% of shoppers say they enjoy the full shopping experience of going onto stores to browse. This is particularly pertinent in the fragrance and cosmetic categories where physical trial is an important part of the shopper journey.

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