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“We created a highly disruptive event for travel retail. Shoppers were queuing to experience the digital lip trial and engage with the interactive wall!”

The solution.

In Bangkok King Power, shoppers are greeted at the Rangnam atrium by the eye-catching NARS installation, with disruptive and immersive features such as the giant Digital Lip Wall. Powered by motion sensors, the Lip Wall lets shoppers interact with a cluster of floating lips in a dynamic and fluid cloud of kisses which mirror their body movements. Shoppers can animate the cloud around the screen, as the lip colours change according to the live trends of the most popular shades selected on the Virtual Lip Trial app.

Shoppers can choose to scan a QR code on their mobile device or use an iPad next to the Digital Lip Wall to access the Virtual Lip Trial app. A digital photo with the message “With love from Bangkok” creates a sense of place. The photo can be saved by scanning the QR code or be sent via e-mail, and then shared on their social media. There is then a final call-to-action for visitors to get a complimentary lip makeover on-site. The NARS Virtual Lip Trial app and Digital Lip Wall both serve to capture data on trending lip shades among Chinese millennials.

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The results.

38,427 shades were trialled virtually during the trial, and tracking the shades selected highlighted some interesting preferences among the local Bangkok market. Whereas ‘Roman Holiday’ was selected 1,192 times, ‘Greek Holiday’ fared less well, only being selected 52 times. Far and away the most popular shade, selected 1,679 times, was the ‘Dolce Vita’ (or, the ‘sweet life’ in Italian), and the least popular shade of all was ‘Dayle’, selected just 22 times.

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The challenge. 

Shiseido Travel Retail grew approximately ten times faster than the total global travel retail industry and NARS has emerged from this portfolio as one of Shiseido’s hottest brands, thanks to the rising demand for make-up among
Chinese consumers, especially Millennials. We were asked by Shiseido to create a unique and interactive event for NARS to drive traffic and social engagement in duty free and beyond.


What we did:

>   Competitor research
>   Opportunity analysis
>   Strategy
>   Creative design
>   Digital app development
>   Testing and prototyping
>   Production and delivery
>   Installation guidance
>   On-site support and maintenance

Our insight.

Given that 95% of the Chinese population access the internet via their mobile phone, we needed to ensure that we created a mobile-first experience. 40% of Chinese Millennials spend more than an hour a day playing games on their mobiles. Due to this, we wanted to include an element of gamification in the experience, to entice shoppers to take part.

In China, 33% of beauty product users are interested in mobile apps that can recommend beauty products based on their needs. We wanted to create an app that uses augmented reality (AR) to encourage users to try a range of NARS lip products, recommended shades and various finishes virtually, and share their perfect lip look. 97% of Chinese travellers share their travel experiences online, so encouraging them to instinctively share their experiences, without barriers was key to creating an ‘advocacy loop’.


Shades trialled


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