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Why Play?

The retail landscape is changing.


Today's consumers are experts in utilising both online and offline channels when shopping and have high expectations when it comes to the shopping experience. Rightly so, the rise of mobile shopping has driven innovation in ultra-convenience, ratings and reviews, advocacy and product choice. We are witnessing a golden age for retail, a time of transition where there is an emerging synergy between the online and offline channels. The high street is NOT dead; we believe physical retail experiences will play a more vital role in engaging new customers, providing assurance to buy and creating brand loyalists. This is the power of Play. The stats speak for themselves:

Play Retail Ltd | Why Play?
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Of shoppers report that in-store tech is important in their future purchase decisions.

Of UK consumers see the physical store as vital to the shopping experience.

Say they enjoy the full shopping experience of going into stores to browse.

Of millennials, digital natives, prefer to purchase in-store.

Our approach.

We believe that success lies where real business objectives, brand & product capabilities and consumer need converge. We ask the right questions to help define our strategic approach to each project.

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Our philosophy.

Play Retail Ltd | Why Play?


Play Retail Ltd | Why Play?


Play Retail Ltd | Why Play?


This is the essence of our approach. Starting with a deep understanding of the brand objectives we propose strategic recommendations based on qualitative research and targeted shopper insight. We utilise experiential frameworks to engage the senses and build powerful and lasting relationships between brand and shopper. Our global team ensures successful logistical execution; realising our strategic goals and breathing life into the physical expression of each project in-store.

We deliver on our holistic philosophy
to think, feel and do.