Specialist window displays

The challenge.

We were asked by William Grant & Sons to design and manufacture 140 flexible window displays for their range of premium and exclusive whiskeys such as Glenfiddich 21 and The Balvenie 21 Portwood. The displays were to be utilised in the domestic market across Europe in key premium retail accounts.


What we did:

>   Strategy

>   Creative design
>   Engineering

>   Comms and art working
>   Prototype and production

>   Packaging and instruction guide
>   Distribution
>   Warranty, maintenance and support

Play Design - William Grant and Sons Log
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“This project was the perfect storm of limited budget versus the need to deliver a solution with exceptional high quality
& finish”

The solution.


Because of the high status of the products (they retail at around €100 per bottle) we were tasked with ensuring that the display was a premium reflection of the brand. We therefore needed to utilise premium materials, finishes and production methods to create a display which evoked desire in the passing shoppers.

Due to cost constraints we were asked to consider creating a display that could be easily ‘re-skinned’ for different brands, ensuring that our client could benefit from the economy of scale as a result of this. Because of the wide variety of stores that would be receiving a unit and without prior information being available regarding the footprint in each location; we had to create a display that was scaleable and easy to re-size and install by the sales staff.

We designed a modular kit which could be customised for each of the premium Glenfiddich and Balvenie brands. We created a unit that was not only modular in terms of construction and interchangeability between brands, but that could also telescopically expand and contract for varying window sizes. We utilised a combination of affordable materials and premium finishes and battery powered LED lighting to create a display which looked great, but remained at a low cost to the client. 

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The creative concept was based on a modular configuration of illuminated plinths and bases that were finished in different ways to represent each brand’s unique material palette. A main back panel vitrine held a 3 dimensional interpretation of their Key Visual and key message to accentuate the product in front. There was also space on the display to place props (such as the Balvenie ‘Dipping Dog’) which enabled us to communicate the brand story to the customer. The whole solution was secured together using powerful magnets which provided an invisible fixing method as well as a simple assembly procedure for local market staff.

The results.